Probate and Trust Administration

Transferring Estate Assets in Monterey, California

After a family member dies, if the decedent had a will there is a probate action in a California court. If the decedent had a trust, there is a trust administration. In both cases, these are required to pass property down from the elder generation to the next generation. 

Probate requires a minimum of six months in court, so that creditors and other issues have an opportunity to be heard. Many families prefer to avoid probate, due to the time and expense incurred, so they have Ms. Silver design a trust for the family. Typically a trust can be transferred with less time and expense since there is no court involvement. 

  • Probate Action (for a will)
  • Trust Administration (for a trust)

Lori Silver also offers Estate Planning and Trustee services to her clients. For more information,
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Lori Silver, Lawyer for Probate and Trust Administration in Monterey, CA

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What Clients Say

Re: Trust Administration and Estate Planning

From: J.M.E.
“In early 2000 Lori Silver updated our trust and estate plan for my spouse and me. When my spouse died unexpectedly a few months later, Lori was there to explain the legal implementation of this very complicated trust and estate plan to my step-daughters and me. Over the past eleven years Lori and her office staff have been very helpful in clarifying the legalities and requirements of the IRS and the trust administration. Lori has been doing the tax returns for our Trust since the year 2000 and this involves doing four complex and inter-related tax returns each year. Since my spouse's death I have looked to Lori Silver for guidance and advice in Trust and tax matters and I feel I have been in excellent professional hands.” — J.M.E.

From: Gretchen R.
“Lori’s office took special care in making sure my complex needs were met. I came to her ‘last minute’ and Lori was great about fitting me in and completing my files. Her staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and always available to answer questions.” — Gretchen R.

From: Carolyn H.
“Dear Lori, Thank you for all of the help that you gave me. I would never have been able to navigate through all this paper work without your help. Not only were you reassuring, but you taught me along the way. There was a good feeling in your office every time that I walked in. (I love how you have decorated it.) You have surrounded yourself with positive feelings by hiring positive thinking people. I sincerely feel it was worth it, getting to know you and have you on my side. Thanks again.” — Carolyn H.