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Welcome to the Law Office of Lori Silver. Lori Silver is an estate planning and tax attorney and limits her practice to those areas of law. A third generation lawyer, she has practiced law for thirty years. Lori is also a CPA and has an LL.M. in Taxation, a Master's degree for lawyers specializing in taxation. 

In her estate planning practice, she prepares wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and drafts and implements sophisticated techniques where they would be useful. 

In her tax practice, she prepares tax returns for individuals, trusts and estates, does Offers in Compromise, and helps troubled taxpayers by advising them about their options to deal with insurmountable tax debt. READ MORE: About Lori Silver  About Lori Silver, Tax and Estate Lawyer, Monterey, California

Taxation Law:
Tax Preparation & Planning 

We prepare tax returns for individuals, trusts and estates. Lori meets with clients annually to understand their specific situations and is knowledgeable about the myriad tax deductions to minimize her clients’ taxes. 

Taxation Services:

  • Tax Preparation & Returns
  • Tax Planning, Tax Reduction
  • Tax Offer in Compromise, Installments
  • Bankruptcy & IRS Audits

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Estate Planning:  
Estate Tax Reduction

Every parent would prefer seeing their children or a charity inherit their estate with little or no taxes. Ms. Silver can plan an estate to reduce the estate taxes and still meet the family goals of inheritance, control, and asset protection.

Estate Planning Services:

  • Estate Planning & Tax Reduction
  • Trusts & Wills
  • Trustee & Trust Accounting
  • Probate & Trust Administration

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