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Some clients owe more taxes than they can ever repay in a lifetime. Ms. Silver assesses their ability to pay off old tax debt, and recommends a course of action, whether it is applying for an Offer in Compromise, doing an Installment Agreement, being designated as currently uncollectible with zero monthly payments, or applying for bankruptcy. In addition, Ms. Silver advises her clients how to handle their current withholding or sets them up on quarterly estimates so that their tax problems don’t occur again. 

In addition, she handles IRS and Franchise Tax Board audits. Starting in 2010, the IRS started hiring new auditors, and the number of audits in the US has doubled. The state taxing agencies can be more aggressive than the IRS and she handles audits with the Franchise Tax Board, EDD and State Board of Equilization. 

  • Tax Offer in Compromise
  • Tax Installment Agreements
  • Tax Uncollectible with Zero Monthly Payments
  • Bankruptcy
  • IRS Audits
  • Franchise Tax Board, EDD, and State Board of Equilization Audits

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Lori Silver also offers tax preparation and planning services to her clients. For more information,
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Tax Problems Help from Lori Silver, Attorney, Monterey

What Clients Say

Re: Tax Problems

From: R. Hobbs
“Lori Silver has done my taxes for the past 2 years. Lori was highly recommended to me as a person that could help me with my complicated tax problems. Not only has she done my tax returns and billed me fairly but she has helped me work with the IRS to satisfy my outstanding tax burden. Both she and her staff have gone the extra mile to help me resolve my tax problems. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and the peace of mind that she has given me.” — R. Hobbs

Re: Tax Problems, IRS Penalties, Offer in Compromise

From: D. Lee
“I can now sleep at night because of what Lori did for me. Many years ago my husband was very ill and remained so for over 4 years. Happy to say that he survived, but during that time many necessities did not get the required attention because the one thing that I had to do was to help keep him alive. For 4 years I did not file tax returns; hence the sleepless nights as I kept envisioning the IRS knocking on my door. After much anxiety, I called my Monterey accountant and was referred to Lori's office since she specializes in working with these types of situations. I made an appointment and was met by Lori and her assistant Julie. After hearing my story, they showed sincere compassion and helped me in every way. The obvious needed to be done by me which was to get my income and expense receipts for those years and then they took over completely. My anxiety diminished because within a few months my tax returns were completed and filed by Lori. Once filed, the IRS assessed huge interest and penalty amounts which added almost 200% to the actual tax amount that I owed. After a few more months of Lori and Julie negotiating with the IRS, I was given an "Offer In Compromise" by the IRS. My Offer In Compromise ended up being only 25% of what I actually owed, and I was given a payment plan of 24 months to pay it off. I give Lori complete credit because she got the IRS to listen to my story as to why my tax returns were not filed. So I can honestly say that I now sleep at night because of what Lori did for me.” — D. Lee

Re: Tax Issues

From: Bob B.
“A few years ago, as a result of dealing with an unscrupulous tax preparer, I ended up with an undesirable situation. I needed a true tax professional to help organize and repair my situation. I was referred to Lori Silver's office. Lori Silver and her staff straightened out my tax issues and circumstances and I have remained with Lori's services ever since. Lori and her office staff have always been professional, attentive, courteous and responsive to my issues and concerns. I thank Lori and her staff for all their work and assistance.” — Bob B.

Re: Tax Offer in Compromise 

From: (Name withheld)
“Lori helped me obtain a successful offer in compromise. Very pleased with the outcome. Lori is a joy to work with.” — (Name withheld)