Private Fiduciary in Monterey, California

Many clients choose to have an independent Trustee to oversee the family trust. Often this results in more family harmony, and takes the financial issues out of the parent-child relationship. Ms. Silver acts as a Trustee, and hires excellent money managers, prepares tax returns and accountings, pays the Trust bills, and handles the overall management of the Family Trust. She meets with the family on a regular basis, making frequent visits to the elder family members who created the trust. 

  • Independent Trustee / Private Fiduciary
  • Family Trust Management
  • Trust Tax Return Preparation
  • Trust Accounting, Bill Payment, & Reports

Lori Silver also offers estate planning, probate and trust administration services to her clients. For more information,
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Lori Silver, Trustee and Estate Planning Attorney in Monterey, CA

Independent Trustee and Private Fiduciary in Monterey, California

What Clients Say

From: S.S.S.
“The skill of a good lawyer with the heart of a good doctor.” — S.S.S.

Re: Trust, Will and Tax Preparation

From: Jean S.
“Lori Silver resolved a very stressful matter with the IRS for me. She prepared a will and trust as well as taking care of selling my house and locating a new residence for me. She still takes care of any legal problems I may have and my yearly tax returns, relieving me of both financial and emotional woes. One couldn't ask for a more professional and caring attorney and staff.” — Jean S.

From: Lynne J.
“Lori has an amazing ability to explain things clearly; and she is calm in repeating the same information in multiple ways so that I can not only understand it, but personalize it! Her friendly reminders help me get my information completed. She is the only person I can fully confide in, she is never judgmental and listens fully.” — Lynne J.

Lynne J., client of Lori Silver, Attorney at Law